about katie

Katie is 26 and lives in Louisville, KY with her husband, dog, cat and fish. Despite living in Louisville and marrying a UofL fan, she is a belligerent dedicated UK fan and wants to make sure that everyone understands that her zip code has nothing to do with her NCAA football and basketball beliefs. Katie likes to try her hand at a variety of domestic arts with moderate amounts of success. So far she's dabbled in crocheting and knitting, but is getting pretty handy with a sewing machine and spatula. Katie knows more than one should about celebrities and will never know enough about Jane Austen (Really Cassandra, did you have to burn her letters?!). She's never been athletic (Unless you count marching band! She was awesome at marching band!) but sometimes attempts fitness related activities. Recently realizing she will never be able to run faster than a competitive "jog", she's going to try biking soonish.

Oh, and Katie likes to take pictures but she's barely mediocre at it so hopefully she'll improve by the end of the project. She does have a pretty sweet Nikon D60 named Charles. It's a start.

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