about caitlin

Caitlin is 26 and after seven long years away, she is thrilled to be back in the great state of Texas!  She is a new resident of the capital city, Austin, and is constantly delighted by its charms.  Caitlin loves kids and is a proud auntie to eight (soon to be nine!) beautiful nieces and nephews.  An avid reader, Caitlin is also an aspiring writer.  She loves making lists, and many of those lists these days are filled with craft projects she wants to tackle.  She's still learning to use her new sewing machine and hopes to add knitting and embroidery to her list of accomplishments soon.  Caitlin just joined a CSA and is planning her balcony vegetable garden as we speak.

Caitlin likes to take pictures as well, but her camera is currently hidden in some boxes somewhere in her apartment.  She will be taking pictures for this project with her trusty iPhone or her boyfriend's point and shoot.

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